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iXPOS -The German Business Portal welcomes you to its B2B community. In the free Export Community the Take a look at the following user instructions and find out how user friendly our portal has become.

Business Inquiries

The iXPOS Export Community is also an international platform for business contacts. On this online community, you can search for business partners worldwide as well as post your business inquiries.

Find New Business Inquiries

You can search for business contacts by clicking the main navigation item „Business Inquiries.” On the right margin of the community website, you can also filter your searches according to the type of cooperation that you are looking for, the target market as well as the business sector that you are interested in. You can narrow down your search results by specifying the country and/or the type of inquiry that you are looking for. Furthermore, you have the possibility of bookmarking interesting business inquiries or contacting the potential business partner directly.

Posting a Business Inquiry

In order to post a new business inquiry, you must fill out the form „Add New Business Inquiry.” You can find this form by selecting the “Business Inquiry” section (main navigation) and then clicking the “Add Business Inquiry” button or by entering the main navigation point “My Profile” and clicking the “Add Business Inquiry” button that appears after you click the “Business Inquiry” tab. This “Add New Business Inquiry” form can also be accessed through your personal profile box available on the left margin of the Export Community pages.

Remember that before adding a business inquiry, your company profile must be first completely filled out.

Besides having a title and a short description of what is being offered, a business inquiry must contain the type of offer (buying, selling or cooperation offer) and must be assigned to a specific business sector. If you want your inquiry to be traced internationally, we recommend that you write your entry in both German and English. You may also upload a photo to display your products.

Once you have entered your business inquiry, it is submitted for approval. All business inquiries are reviewed by our editorial team before publication. We reserve the right to reject business inquiries that do not comply with iXPOS’ terms and conditions.

Managing Your Business Inquiries

Business inquiries are valid for three months. After a period of three months, they will be deactivated.You can at all times delete or deactivate an inquiry before the expiration date as well as extend an inquiry for another three months.

You can make these changes on the “My Business Inquiries” overview that can be accessed through your profile box. On “My Business Inquiries” you can check the status of your inquiries: green stands for active, yellow stands for submitted, red for expired, grey for deactivated and black stands for rejected.


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