FAQ and iXPOS Export Community Instructions

iXPOS -The German Business Portal, welcomes you to its new platform. Besides boasting a new design, the new iXPOS offers visitors a wider range of information and services. Take a look at the following user instructions and find out how user friendly our portal has become.

My Network

In the Export Community you have the possibility to connect with other community members and build your own network. In order to add contacts to your network, just click on the “send contact request” icon located to the right of the member's name. Alternatively, you can send contact requests directly from the members' search results.

A contact is added to your network once the member has confirmed your contact request. The new contact will inmediately become visible as part of your network.

While you are logged in the community, you can see your network at all times on the left margin of your personalized homepage. In order to administer your network, just click on the main menu point “My Network” on the horizontal navigation bar or on the tab “Network” available in the "My Profile" section.

Messages to Your Network

The function „Status Updates for My Network” that appears on your personalized homepage serves to inform your network about your recent activities.Your status can also be updated directly on the section “My Network.”

Published status updates can only be viewed by members of your network. Likewise, you can only see the status updates of your own network.