FAQ and iXPOS Export Community Instructions

iXPOS -The German Business Portal welcomes you to its B2B community. In the free Export Community the Take a look at the following user instructions and find out how user friendly our portal has become.

Tags and Watchlists

All content of the Export Community (business inquiries, user profile, forums etc.) can be added to your watchlist. You just have to add a keyword relevant to the content that you would like to save in the “Tag” box available on the right margin, and save it.

Your watchlist is located on the upper right margin of your personalized homepage. You can also access your watchlist through your profile box at all times.


All content of the Export Community, including your own content, can be tagged. Tagging content increases its traceability, especially when doing a search. All tagged words appear in a dynamic tag cloud. By clicking on the tag, you can access the corresponding content directly. This way, you will keep up to date with the latest and most important topics of the Export Community.


Contact Us

iXPOS - The German Business Portal

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iXPOS will relaunch in October 2018

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iXPOS will be redesigned to offer you a better service. As a result, the iXPOS ExportCommunity will become the "iXPOS Business Finder".