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iXPOS -The German Business Portal welcomes you to its B2B community. In the free Export Community the Take a look at the following user instructions and find out how user friendly our portal has become.

Registration and Login

In order to become a member of the Export Community, you must register first free of charge. For your registration, you will need to enter your name, last name, your email address, and a password. Immediately afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to activate your account.

After successful registration, you will be able to log in to the community with your email address and password. In case you forget your password, you can request a new password by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link at all times.

To Registration and Login

Personalized Homepage

After you have logged in, you will access directly your personalized homepage. Your homepage will contain the latest news, forum topics and business inquiries posted in the community according to the preferences/interests that you entered during your registration. In case you still have not entered your interests or would like to change them, you can do this under "My Profile.” Detailed instructions on how you can do these changes can be found on the "User Profile" section of these guidelines.

Once you have logged in, your profile box will be displayed throughout the whole Export Community pages on the upper left side of your personalized page. This profile box gives you direct access to your mailbox, contact requests, your business inquiries, watchlist and you user account.

After you have befriended other Export Community members, you will see your updated list of contacts under “My Network” on the left margin of your personalized page. The “Status Updates for My Network” box located in the center of the page, gives you the possibility to publish important information about yourself and your business activities. For example, if you would like to let your network know about your participation in a trade fair or the launching of a new product. New status updates feeds from your network are published directly underneath the status updates box.

Your watchlist as well as the tag cloud with the latest topics of the community members appear on the right hand margin of your personalized page.

User Profile

User profiles consist of two subprofiles: a personal profile and a company profile. Both profiles can be completed or updated by clicking the “edit” link next to each item.

Personal Profile

The personal profile contains the information entered during registration. While registering, you can choose your interests according to countries, business sectors, and themes. By first choosing a topic of interest from the selection lists available, you can start configuring your personalized start page. The customized start page will then show the latest business inquiries and forum posts matching your personal interests.

With the purpose of generating potential business contacts, your interests can also be viewed by visitors of your profile. Furthermore, you can also add keywords to your profile that are not included in the topic lists, in order to increase your traceability.

Your published business inquiries, your network and your status updates are displayed below your user profile. iXPOS partners can be identified by the “Partner” label located on the top right corner of their profile.

Your user profile is only visible to registered members of the Export Community.

Company Profile

With your personal profile, you can use all basic functions (forum, search, building a network, etc.) of the Export Community. A company profile is an optional extension of your personal profile.

Since we would like to offer our members a serious and reliable business community, the completion of a company profile becomes mandatory whenever you would like to publish a business inquiry.

Business Inquiries

The iXPOS Export Community is also an international platform for business contacts. On this online community, you can search for business partners worldwide as well as post your business inquiries.

Find New Business Inquiries

You can search for business contacts by clicking the main navigation item „Business Inquiries.” On the right margin of the community website, you can also filter your searches according to the type of cooperation that you are looking for, the target market as well as the business sector that you are interested in. You can narrow down your search results by specifying the country and/or the type of inquiry that you are looking for. Furthermore, you have the possibility of bookmarking interesting business inquiries or contacting the potential business partner directly.

Posting a Business Inquiry

In order to post a new business inquiry, you must fill out the form „Add New Business Inquiry.” You can find this form by selecting the “Business Inquiry” section (main navigation) and then clicking the “Add Business Inquiry” button or by entering the main navigation point “My Profile” and clicking the “Add Business Inquiry” button that appears after you click the “Business Inquiry” tab. This “Add New Business Inquiry” form can also be accessed through your personal profile box available on the left margin of the Export Community pages.

Remember that before adding a business inquiry, your company profile must be first completely filled out.

Besides having a title and a short description of what is being offered, a business inquiry must contain the type of offer (buying, selling or cooperation offer) and must be assigned to a specific business sector. If you want your inquiry to be traced internationally, we recommend that you write your entry in both German and English. You may also upload a photo to display your products.

Once you have entered your business inquiry, it is submitted for approval. All business inquiries are reviewed by our editorial team before publication. We reserve the right to reject business inquiries that do not comply with iXPOS’ terms and conditions.

Managing Your Business Inquiries

Business inquiries are valid for three months. After a period of three months, they will be deactivated.You can at all times delete or deactivate an inquiry before the expiration date as well as extend an inquiry for another three months.

You can make these changes on the “My Business Inquiries” overview that can be accessed through your profile box. On “My Business Inquiries” you can check the status of your inquiries: green stands for active, yellow stands for submitted, red for expired, grey for deactivated and black stands for rejected.

My Network

In the Export Community you have the possibility to connect with other community members and build your own network. In order to add contacts to your network, just click on the “send contact request” icon located to the right of the member's name. Alternatively, you can send contact requests directly from the members' search results.

A contact is added to your network once the member has confirmed your contact request. The new contact will inmediately become visible as part of your network.

While you are logged in the community, you can see your network at all times on the left margin of your personalized homepage. In order to administer your network, just click on the main menu point “My Network” on the horizontal navigation bar or on the tab “Network” available in the "My Profile" section.

Messages to Your Network

The function „Status Updates for My Network” that appears on your personalized homepage serves to inform your network about your recent activities.Your status can also be updated directly on the section “My Network.”

Published status updates can only be viewed by members of your network. Likewise, you can only see the status updates of your own network.


The Export Community Forum is an international platform where community members can discuss different foreign trade topics, exchange their experiences, and ask our experts about doing business with Germany.

A special feature of the forum is that you can discuss articles that have been published on the main sections of the iXPOS portal, either on “Ihr Geschäft im Ausland” or “Your Business in Germany” sections. In order to start a discussion about an article, all you have to do is click on the link “Discuss on the Export Community” on the right hand side of the article. If the chosen article is already being discussed on the Export Community, your click will lead you to the existing discussion where you have the possibility to participate actively.

On the homepage of the Export Community, you will see the latest forum posts and topics. In order to only be able to see topics that match your interests, you need to change or enter your preferences in your user profile.

You can add interesting forum discussions to your watchlist. You also have the possibility to subscribe to the different forums. In this case, you will receive an email notifying you that new contributions have been posted on the forum.

Tags and Watchlists

All content of the Export Community (business inquiries, user profile, forums etc.) can be added to your watchlist. You just have to add a keyword relevant to the content that you would like to save in the “Tag” box available on the right margin, and save it.

Your watchlist is located on the upper right margin of your personalized homepage. You can also access your watchlist through your profile box at all times.


All content of the Export Community, including your own content, can be tagged. Tagging content increases its traceability, especially when doing a search. All tagged words appear in a dynamic tag cloud. By clicking on the tag, you can access the corresponding content directly. This way, you will keep up to date with the latest and most important topics of the Export Community.


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