iXPOS Relaunch

iXPOS After the Relaunch

iXPOS unveils its revamped website. The new iXPOS platform not only boasts a brand new design, but also features the contents of the German Business Portal, advanced functionality as well as an interactive Export Community. Here are the new features:

Curtain Unveiling the New iXPOS | © Joshua Blake | iStockphoto

Source: Curtain Unveiling the New iXPOS | © Joshua Blake | iStockphoto

Export Community

The newest feature of iXPOS is the Export Community, which can be reached by clicking on the bright red main navigation tab on the right hand side of the website. The Export Community is the interactive platform where German and foreign companies have the possibility to meet, contact each other, post their inquiries, participate in the forum and much more.

Export Community Homepage | © iXPOS Source: Export Community Homepage | © iXPOS

The iXPOS Export Community is the further development of the well known e-trade-center, the international online marketplace in Germany. All functions of the e-trade-center have been improved, expanded and integrated into iXPOS.

After registering and opening a user account, visitors can take advantage of the full range of the Export Community functions: create a personal profile, communicate with other community members, set up watchlists, individualize content, and post business inquiries.

Create new business inquiry | © iXPOS Source: Create new business inquiry | © iXPOS

Forum posts and business inquiries can be accessed from outside the community. In order to actively participate in the forum, contact potential business partners and post business inquiries, iXPOS visitors must first register and/or log in the Export Community.

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