Network for Architecture Exchange (NAX) of the Federal Chamber of German Architects (BAK)

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Logo Bundesarchitektenkammer

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The Federal Chamber of German Architects (BAK) in Berlin is the umbrella organization of the Architects Chambers of the 16 German Länder – bodies of public law.

BAK represents nationally and internationally the interests of more than 124,600 architects (as of January 1st, 2011). Among them a majority of 87 per cent works as construction architects, 6 per cent work as landscape architects, 4 per cent are registered as interior designers and 3 per cent as urban planners.

The designations “architect”, “interior architect”, “garden and landscape architect” and “urban planner” are protected by the rules and regulations of the Architects Chambers of the Länder. Only those who are registered in the relevant Architects' Chamber are allowed to be entitled. Every registered architect receives the “Deutsches Architektenblatt” (DAB), the monthly official periodical of the BAK.

The Federal Chamber of German Architects (Bundesarchitektenkammer - BAK) founded the Network for Architecture Exchange NAX (Netzwerk Architekturexport - NAX) for promoting the activities of German and foreign architects working abroad and for supporting internationally active developers and investors in their search for suitable architects and urban planners.


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