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Since its foundation in 1900, OAV has been working as a strong network of German companies with activities in the Asia-Pacific Region. OAV is a privately held non-profit organization financed by its corporate members. They include the most renowned companies from major industries and the banking sector, trading companies and a great number of small and medium-sized enterprises from all industries located all over Germany. High-ranking representatives of German business are active in the OAV board.

OAV works on the promotion of bilateral economic relationships between Germany and the Asia-Pacific region. Through its corporate and institutional network, OAV supports German companies with their activities in the Asia-Pacific Region. OAV initiates the exchange of valuations on economic developments, practical experiences on doing business in the region and mutual support in case of challenges. As a founding sponsor of the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business, OAV is strongly involved in the representation of the interests of German companies and in high-ranked politico-economic dialogues.

Benefits for OAV member companies:

  • Consultancy by a team of regional managers specializing on individual markets (eg on approaching new markets, preparation and implementation of investment projects.)
  • A broad events' programme with seminars and conferences on topics related to business, politics and legal issues
  • Organization of delegation trips to Asian markets promoting political and business contacts
  • Publications and information services with up-to-date information and background analysis on the Asian markets
  • Database research on specific inquiries.

In Asia the OAV works closely with related institutions of German foreign trade. Personal contacts and intense co-operation with the experts on the spot ensure effective representation of interest for member companies. In Yangon, Myanmar, the OAV has a representative office.


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