Germany at its Most Beautiful

Close-up of eyeshadow and make-up products | © matka_Wariatka -

Source: Close-up of eyeshadow and make-up products | © matka_Wariatka -

Supporting Institutions

Germany has several associations that support foreign exporters in entering and establishing themselves successfully in the cosmetics market.

The German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW) is the sector's industry and trade association. With almost 400 active members, it represents more than 95 percent of the companies in the industry. Eighty five percent of these members are small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Association of German Industries and Trading Firms for Pharmaceuticals, Health Care Products, Food Supplements and Personal Hygiene Products (BDIH) has over 440 members who are producers and distributors of cosmetics and natural cosmetics, food supplements, nutritional foods, over-the-counter medications and medical devices. Part of the association’s duties is to work together with leading organic and natural cosmetics producers at national and international level to develop guidelines for the reliable certification of these products.