Textiles and Clothing

Textiles and Clothing

A Large Market for Fashionable Goods and Modern Technical Textiles

Distribution Channels

The most cost-effective way of entering the German textile market is to hire a commercial agent or representative. Commercial agents are normally paid on a commission basis and are specialized by branch. Textile companies interested in finding a qualified commercial agent or representative can contact the National Association of German Commercial Agencies and Distribution e. V. (CDH).

Another way for foreign manufacturers to introduce their textiles into Germany is by contacting textile wholesalers or importers. These wholesalers/importers are generally experts in the field and have in-depth knowledge of the different segments in the textile industry. Furthermore, they also take care of all the necessary importing procedures, paperwork, product warehousing and distribution activities.

Foreign textile manufacturers also have the possibility to sell their products to central buying groups in Germany. These purchasing associations are formed by mostly small and midsized businesses that have organized together in order to increase their purchasing power and become more competitive by ordering large volumes.

Mail order catalogs are also a way of distributing textile products in Germany, since they are widely used by consumers throughout the country. Especially nowadays, mail order activities complement the extensive usage of e-commerce for the sales of textiles and clothing very well.