Textiles and Clothing

Textiles and Clothing

A Large Market for Fashionable Goods and Modern Technical Textiles

Market Potential

Besides being the second largest textile importer in the world, Germany has experienced an increasing demand for textiles and clothing in the past years. With a market share of almost 18% in 2013, Germany is the largest market for textiles and clothing in Europe. In 2013, industry turnover dropped slighlty by 1.1 percent.

This shows large opportunities for foreign textile and clothing companies to increase their export volume by expanding their presence in the German market. Foreign companies with expertise in technical textiles benefit from a highly innovative industry landscape and immediate market proximity to strong manufacturing industries. Armed with the right information about the market, appropriate distribution channels and helpful potential business contacts in Germany, textile companies from around the world will be able to increase their market share successfully.


Organic Textiles

Picture shows Cotton | © Pierrot/digitalstock.de

A Growing Sustainable Market