Textiles and Clothing

Textiles and Clothing

A Large Market for Fashionable Goods and Modern Technical Textiles

Supporting Institutions

Many organizations support foreign manufactures in entering the market and establishing themselves successfully in Germany. The most important associations of the textile industry are:

The Organization of the German Textile and Fashion Industry (Gesamttextil) is an umbrella organization for a group of regional organizations and trade associations. Interested importers can obtain information about all the members of the confederation, the European textile associations and other important organizations for the textile and clothing industry.

Textination is the official website of the entire textile industry in Germany. Its main goal is to act as a vertical platform in order to provide comprehensive information on the German textile and clothing industry and its retail market.

The Institute of German Textile Retail Traders (BTE) offers an extensive database with contact information for the textile retail sector.

This site also offers an online ''Trade Handbook for the Textile Retail Trade in Germany'' which contains useful information on companies that cover 85% of the textile retail demand in the country. Detailed data on wholesalers and organizations specialized in the branch can be found in this useful directory.

The German Federation of Buying and Marketing Groups (ZGV) is the umbrella organization for midsize trade, service and skilled trades and crafts companies in Germany. The ZGV represents 230,000 member companies and 320 purchasing cooperatives.