Wind Energy

Wind Energy

At the Forefront of Producing Clean Energy

Supporting Institutions

Especially in the wind energy sector, many institutions support companies interested in the German market. The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy also has dedicated a website to the renewable energy industry in Germany. The Ministry offers up to date information about the sector and a list of German companies active in the wind energy branch.

The German Wind Energy Association, BWE, is the largest renewable energy association in the world with around 20,000 members. Besides offering a wide range of information about the sector, the BWE also hosts the Wind Energy Market, a portal for the global wind energy industry that contains information about the different kinds of turbines on the market, a business directory database as well as industry-related events and fairs worldwide.

The German Energy Agency ''dena'' is the competence center for energy efficiency and renewable energies in Germany. Dena initiates, coordinates and implements innovative projects and campaigns at a national and international level for energy issues. For the wind energy industry, dena coordinates and maintains the website of the project ''Offshore-Wind'', which is a platform providing information about offshore wind energy, offshore wind parks as well as news and events in the field.

The German Engineering Association, VDMA, is also a helpful address for foreign suppliers interested in the German wind energy sector. The VDMA provides an overview of members active in the industry and operates the VDMA e-Market where companies can search for manufacturers in the wind energy sector.