Business Services

Business Services

Professional Support for Professional Enterprises

Finding Providers

Foreign enterprises seeking professional support for their business activities in Germany have access to a broad range of local specialists. The following sources on the internet may be helpful to find suitable providers for the required B2B-services:

TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING - Providers of tax and legal consulting service may be found through the search engine of the respective professional organizations, such as the German Bar Association, the German Association of Tax Advisers (DStV), the Federal Chamber of Civil Law Notaries, and the German Chamber of Certified Public Accountants. Although some of them are available in German only, they usually include data on the providers' foreign language skills and field of expertise.

MANAGEMENT AND PERSONAL CONSULTING - The website of the German Association of Business Consultants (BDU) contains a comprehensive database with management or human resources consultants in Germany (German only).

ICT CONSULTING - The German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) provides a supplier directory named ''IT in Germany." It contains more than 7,000 entries of businesses that are active in the German IT, telecommunications and new media sectors.

FACILITY MANAGEMENT - Facility managers may be found in the member database of the German Facility Management Association (GEFMA). Furthermore, the Immobilien-verband Deutschland (IVD) provides a search engine for businesses specialized in real estate brokerage and management (German only).

ADVERTISING - The online search engine of the German Association of Communications Agencies supports businesses in finding suitable providers of advertising services (German only).

For business support with distribution and supply chain management please check out our articles on the logistics and wholesale and retail trade sectors in the section "Business Sectors - Service Industries" of our portal. For architectural and construction engineering services please refer to our article on the construction industry in the section "Business Sectors."

Entrepreneurs looking for a specific business contact may publish their inquiry free of charge in the "Export Community" on our website.