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During the last quarter of the 20th century, service related businesses grew annually by almost double the rate of the German economy as a whole. The market for business services is growing constantly. The optimistic expectations of businesses in the sector are coupled with a growing demand in the recovering manufacturing industries.

CONSULTING - Consulting services compose the largest sub-segment in this sector. The turnover in the consulting industry in Germany was above EUR 22 billion in 2012 – the highest volume ever reached. Forecasts see an annual market growth of about 7%. In total, approximately 117,000 people work in management consulting area in Germany, thereof approximately 95,000 management consultants in around 15,000 consulting companies. Beside the globally acting big players, in Germany small and medium-sized consulting firms benefit from an increase in demand for specialized expertise. Additionally, Germany is home to a dense network of lawyers and tax consultants.

BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING - The German BPO market will grow by 10.6% in 2014 and 10.9 % in 2015 (source: PAC). This development will be led especially by finance & accounting processes; HR and verticals.
By 2016, the BPO market in Germany is expected to have reached an estimated volume of EUR 3.5 billion. And there is still a huge potential outsourcing volume created from within the German business environment. The demand mainly relies on small and medium sized companies often too small to process business functions themselves.

FACILITY MANAGEMENT - Facility Management Services in Germany have a stable growth potential. The German FM market has an actual volume of about EUR 55 billion, making Germany one of the largest FM markets in Europe. International companies discovered the market – today 4 out of the TOP 10 service providers in Germany have a non-German origin.

ADVERTISING - Modern forms of communication are expanding their market share in the advertising industry. According to the Association of the German Advertising Industry (ZAW), the total volume of the German advertising market in 2013 was EUR 29.59 billion. Net advertising media revenues amount EUR 18.16 billion. TV and daily newspapers have the highest volume, online and  cinemas the highest growth potential.


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