Building on Solid Ground

Market Potential

The German Construction Federation (ZDB) projects a nominal revenue growth of 3,5 percent for the construction industry as a whole in 2014. Employment in the industry is expected to increase by 1%.

Especially optimistic were the expectations for developments in the housing sector. Based on rising incomes, high employment levels, and historically low interest rates, ZDB analysts anticipate that revenues in the market for new housing units will increase by around 5% to 35,3 billion Euros. This implies the completion of 250.000 homes.

Gross receipts from the public sector will experience average growth: +3,5% to 28,1 billion Euros. Compared to previous years, the outlook for commercial construction is improving. Thus, builders were aiming at a sales volume of 35,3 billion Euros in 2014 (+2,5%).