Accelerate Your Business in Europe's Logistics Hub

Industry Overview

Located in the European Union’s center, Germany is the continent's largest economy and Europe’s No.1 logistics hub. With annual revenues of nearly EUR 230 billion, the country exceeds the total revenues of France & the UK, Europe’s 2nd & 3rd largest logistics markets combined. Moreover, Germany is the world’s largest Intralogistics exporting nation and a global leader in logistics innovation, technology and cutting-edge logistics services, with over 2.8 million industry employees in approximately 60,000 companies.

More goods are destined to or pass through Germany than through any other European nation. Germany offers companies efficient European-wide distribution hubs and solutions, facilitating easy access to the EU's 500+ million consumers, 250 million of which are accessible by overnight-delivery.

In addition to its ideal geographic location, Germany offers a world-class transportation infrastructure with a dense network that includes more than 12,500 km of highways (Autobahn), 40,000 km of rail tracks, 7,450 km of waterways, 35 freight villages, as well as Europe's leading international air and seaports.