Wholesale and Retail Trade

Wholesale and Retail Trade

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Industry Overview

The German retail and wholesale industries link manufacturers to customers. In total, it accounts for approximately 530,000 (163,000 in wholesale; 367,000 in retail) companies that employ about 4.9 million (1.9 m in wholesale; 3 m in retail)people. The sector realizes an annual turnover of approximately 1.5 trillion euro (1.1 trillion in wholesale; 498 billion in retail).

Inasmuch as Germany is one of the top exporting nations, it s economic success also depends on imports to a large degree. For this purpose, wholesalers, international trading companies and commercial agents support foreign importers with their broad knowledge of the German and European markets.

German retailers know the preferences of local consumers very well and help to supply Europe’s largest consumer market of 80 million potential customers with the products it requires. Their modern retail structures and innovative sales services support suppliers in meeting the consumers’ demand.


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