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Distribution Channels

Foreign exporters planning to enter the German market with chemical products have the possibility of contracting specialized wholesalers and distributors in the field. Generally, these specialized companies are also importers of chemical products and have in-depth knowledge of the import regulations, packaging, labelling and transporting of these products. The Association for the German Chemical Industry (VCI) is the first stop for anyone interested in the German chemical sector. This association offers up-to-date and reliable information about the sector and represents the interests of 1.600 German companies and foreign subsidiaries in the chemical branch. The VCI, along with the German Association of Chemical Trade and Distribution (VCH), also offers a database for products, services and manufacturers in the chemical industry called Chemcompass.

The German Association of Chemical Trade and Distribution (VCH) acts as a service and information center for its members. The Association concentrates on topics like the appropriate storage and handling of chemicals. It also overviews and supports its members in the following areas: the chemicals and labor protection laws, environmental law, the marketing of substances, the transportation of dangerous goods and environmental protection.