Medical Technology

Medical Technology

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Microfluidics Robot Dispenses Green Fluid| © iStockphoto

Source: Microfluidics Robot Dispenses Green Fluid| © iStockphoto

Industry Overview

The medical technology (medtech) sector is a market which is growing dynamically worldwide. An aging population combined with the need for new and innovative medical technology, sustain the sector's strength and constant growth, despite the current economic situation. Today, Germany is Europe's leading location for medical technology and 2nd biggest medical technology producer and medical services provider worldwide. In terms of new patent registrations German manufacturers rank second behind the USA, making Germany Europe's strongest location for innovation in this industry.

The broad spectrum of technologies available in this area ranges from electrical engineering/electronics to precision mechanics and optics. Furthermore, technologies from the textile industry, the plastics processing, pharmaceutical and, most recently, from the biotechnology industries are also utilized in German medical products.

Thanks to close cooperation between universities, the private sector and hospitals, German medical technology is developed with patients and users directly in mind. Companies continuously strive to improve their existing products. One out of three products on the market has been developed within the previous three years. However medical devices are not the only focal point for continuous improvement. German medical technology companies also offer package and system solutions. These comprehensive packages cover everything from delivery and set-up to briefings, maintenance, and beyond.


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