Metal & Metal Processing

Metal & Metal Processing

Germany, One of the Largest Raw Material Consumers Worldwide

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Distribution Channels and Supporting Institutions

Specialized importers and distributors are the best channels to distribute metal raw materials and products in Germany. The Association of German Metal Traders (VDM) offers a Company Database that contains a list of non-ferrous metal wholesale and recycling traders. The association also offers an extensive range of services to all its members and provides a large amount of useful industry links. Furthermore, the Federal German Association of Metal Wholesalers (WGM) provides its members very helpful information about the sector as well as a list of companies specializing in nonferrous metals and semi-finished products.

The German Non Ferrous Metals Association (WVM) offers a wide range of information about the non-ferrous metal industry. The association represents the interests of manufacturers and processors of non-ferrous metals in the areas of energy and environmental policy, foreign trade and economic policy.

The Association of the Steel and Metal Processing Industry (WSM) functions as the spokesman and motivator of the processing industry. About 5,000 member companies all over Germany generate an annual turnover of 78.5 billion euro. They processed about 18 million tons of steel – circa 40 percent of Germany’s total steel production.

The Steel Institute (VDEh), the German Steel Federation and other organisations and institutes of the steel industry operate under the umbrella of the Steel Center. The European Steel Registration Office, which is part of the Steel Institute, is responsible for the allocation of material numbers to steel grades according to European standards. The "Register of European Steels" (Stahl-Eisen-Liste) can be found on the website of the Steel Center.

The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) advises the Federal Government and the industry in raw material matters. It contributes to the securing of supplies of mineral and energy raw materials.

The Latin American Institute of Iron and Steel (ILAFA) offers publications as well as congresses for national, regional and international organisms, providing them with technical, commercial and statistical information. Members of ILAFA can consult a database with tariffs for iron and steel. Furthermore, its website provides a list of regional and international agreements in Latin America.