Metal & Metal Processing

Metal & Metal Processing

Germany, One of the Largest Raw Material Consumers Worldwide

Drill Machine and Metal Filings | © Fotolia

Source: Drill Machine and Metal Filings | © Fotolia

Market Access

Foreign companies wishing to sell metal raw materials and products in the European Union must fulfill the established quality and safety requirements. A number of metals and metal compounds are included as materials to be registered and approved by REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals). REACH is a European regulation on chemicals, including metals and metal compounds, that requires manufacturers or importers to register information on substances that are brought into the EU market. In general, REACH concerns substances used on their own, in preparations, or processed into finished products. Compliance with REACH guarantees safety throughout the whole supply chain of metals.

Product certification is also of high importance for the successful introduction of metals and its compounds in Germany. DIN norms exist for a wide range of metal products and every manufacturer, importer and distributor should make sure that their products are correctly certified. Additionally, since iron and steel products are considered “sensitive goods”, they require an import license according to the Iron and Steel Regime of the European Union. Import licenses can be obtained from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) which also oversees import quantities and prices.