Import Promotion Desk

Import Promotion Desk (IPD)

Cost- and risk-optimized sourcing from new markets

The IPD is the service provider for import promotion in Germany. It connects German importers with exporters from selected developing countries and emerging nations.

Our goal is the sustainable and well-structured import promotion of specific products from selected partner countries under compliance with high quality, social, and envi-ronmental standards. The IPD consolidates the interests of European importers with those of exporters in the emerging growth markets of the partner countries in a targeted manner.

The IPD operates in a demand-orientated manner and offers European importers a customised service portfolio – exactly suited to their individual requirements. It provides European buyers with sourcing assistance and gives them access to new, profitable supply chains in the partner countries. Companies in Europe profit from a neutral, free-of-charge and comprehensive support covering the entire purchasing process.

Sustainable trading relationships with reliable suppliers from the partner countries, allow importers to optimise their purchasing structures, as well as increase their product quality and diversity.

At the same time, the IPD facilitates access to the German and European market for suppliers from selected developing countries and emerging nations. It works with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in countries with large low-income populations. Through the transfer of entrepreneurial competencies and the promotion of competi-tiveness, the IPD supports the partner countries enhance their economic structures and fosters development cooperation.

Partner countries and sectors

Currently, the IPD is active in the partner countries Egypt, Indonesia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Colombia, Ethiopia and Tunisia.

The IPD focuses on four product groups:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables (Organic and conventional). Natural food ingredients (organic and conventional), i.e. spices, fatty oils.
  • Natural ingredients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, such as plant extracts and essential oils.
  • Cut flowers
  • Technical wood (sawn wood, planed goods, plywood, coreboards, construction components, floor covering, furniture components)

IPD Services

Research. Travel. Negotiations. Quality testing. Audits. International sourcing abroad is a process that intensive is in terms of time, manpower and costs. Furthermore, deci-sions about tapping new supply sources are always risky. To tackle these challenges, the IPD supports with a customised service portfolio:

Market observation and development: The IPD provides importers with market survey, sector information and trainings. Interested buyers thus receive the knowledge and competence required to tap new growth market.

Market access and expansion: The IPD provides importers with sustainable trade con-tacts to carefully selected exporters in the partner countries. For this, the IPD organizes trade fair visits and buying missions to the partner counties. This allows buyers to gather information on product quality and productions conditions on site.

Strong partners

The IPD has been initiated by sequa, a globally operating development organisation in close cooperation with the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Ser-vices (BGA).
The IPD is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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