Meeting Up

Meeting Up

Two Business Men Having a Conversation | © iStockphoto

Source: Two Business Men Having a Conversation | © iStockphoto

Online Marketplaces

A wide variety of publicly-funded German online marketplaces exist, which are valuable resources for companies searching for relevant business contacts in Germany while still abroad.

The iXPOS Business Community is an online platform for businesses in all economic sectors. It enables both German and foreign companies to advertise their products and services as well as to search for the products and services they need. In addition, the Business Community provides companies and entrepreneurs the possibility to create their own profile, participate in the forum, find business contacts, and interact with all members of the community.

The Enterprise Europe Network offices in each of the German states also maintains online databases of local German companies looking for international business partners. Thus, if you are interested in doing business in a particular region in Germany, be sure to contact the relevant EEN branch office for further assistance.

Businesses planning on serving the German public sector can search a variety of online tender databases, several of which are available in English. Links to the most important ones are listed on the right.

The ''Distribution Channels/Finding Providers'' and ''Supporting Institutions'' sections of our business sector profiles provide additional information and links for locating other companies active in the respective field. If you need further assistance finding sector-specific databases and contacts, please contact us directly by clicking the "Information Center" button on the right.