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Trade Shows and Conferences

The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) revealed in the latest „German Trade Fair Industry Review 2013“, that over half (57%) of all exhibitors at trade shows in Germany came from abroad. Exhibitors from other European countries accounted for 53.3% of the total foreign exhibitor participation. This means that German trade shows (and their related conferences) serve as an important platform for businesses and customers otherwise difficult to contact from abroad. Consequently, trade shows in Germany provide foreign firms a gateway to both the German and the European internal markets.

As one of the world's leading trading nations, Germany is also an important location for renowned international trade fairs. Accentuated by its convenient location in the center of the Europe and its excellent infrastructure, Germany currently hosts three quarters of the world's leading trade shows and attracts a high percentage of international exhibitors and visitors every year. In addition to excellent business contacts, trade shows in Germany offer participants a wide variety of high-quality programs that often include expert forums, international conferences, and other events stimulating an active exchange of ideas and opinions about the latest business trends. Press conferences and the presence of high-ranking officials and economic leaders at these events highlight trendsetting innovations and new products which boost interest in and foster economic policy discussions.

The AUMA's website is your first stop when looking for further information on trade shows in Germany. Here, you can find information on trade fairs classified by business sector and location. Furthermore, the homepage provides helpful information about the trade fair industry in Germany, and offers interested companies tips to help them plan their marketing activities optimally.

iXPOS - The German Business Portal gives you direct access to the AUMA databank in order to help you find the right trade show for your business in Germany. On this database, you can look for specific trade fairs and exhibitions taking place in Germany and abroad. Just click on the "Exhibitions in Germany" section on the left and you can start searching for trade shows relevant to your business.

Useful information on which exhibition or trade fair is the best for your business's success is provided by the Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM) on the AUMA website. The FKM independently gathers and publishes data and statistics about the German trade fair industry. As a result, businesses interested in participating in a German trade fair, thus, can easily compare the different trade shows and conferences offered for their business sector and then identify the one/s best suited to their needs.

Another option for contacting German firms abroad is to visit an international trade show where German companies are exhibiting. Every year German businesses exhibit at joint stands at around 250 trade fairs worldwide. An overview on the relevant trade fairs and the participating companies can be found on the German Pavilion's website.


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