Meeting Up

Meeting Up

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Commercial Agents and Importers

One way to make first business contacts in Germany is to plan a market entry via commercial agent or importer. Local commercial agents can contract with you to approach potential business customers in a particular sector and thus open the door to trade in Germany. Both commercial agents and importers can help to reduce the risks of market entry, by cutting the costs of travel and having to open a German subsidiary while offering the advantages of being located in Germany, speaking German and possessing valuable knowledge of the German market.

Germany's National Association of German Commercial Agencies and Distribution (CDH) has set up a web-portal which simplifies the search for commercial agents. Additionally, the Federation of German Wholesale and Foreign trade (BGA) can assist with contacting import trading companies in Germany. Additional information on the German Retail and Wholesale Industry is available in our business sector profile.

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) is the platform of the Federal Republic of Germany for the promotion of imports. The IPD connects German importers with small and medium-sized international trade players from selected developing countries and emerging nations. The IPD's goal is the sustainable and well-structured import promotion of specific products from selected partner countries under compliance with high quality, social, and environmental standards. Currently, the IPD supports exporting businesses from Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Peru and Tunisia in the areas of fruit and vegetables, natural ingredients, technical wood, and flowers. More information about the IPD can be found in the iXPOS section "Contacts and Networks."


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