Helpful Institutions

Helpful Institutions

Besides the Points of Single Contact, there is a broad variety of institutions and websites offering support and useful information on the provision of services in Germany. You may browse through the following entities to find further assistance.

Local Authority Associations

There are three associations that speak for the self-governed municipalities in Germany and might be a source of information on their policy: The Deutscher Landkreistag (German County Association), the Deutscher Städtetag (German Association of Cities) and the Deutscher Städte und Gemeindebund (German association of towns and municipalities).

German County Association (German only)
The German County Association (Deutscher Landkreistag) represents the interests of approx. 300 Landkreise (counties) in Germany.

German Association of Cities
The German Association of Cities (Deutscher Städtetag) is Germany's largest national local-authorities organization, it comprises more than 5500 cities and owns with a total of 51 Million inhabitants.

German Associaton of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB - German Only)
The German Association of Towns and Municipilities (Deutscher Städte und Gemeindetag - DStGB) is a local authority association that represents the interest of local self-government in Germany and Europe. Its member organizations speak for more than 12500 municipalities with more than 47 Mio inhabitants.


EU Services Directive

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Information about the Single Market for Services

Point of Single Contact

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Individual support with administrative procedures for EU service providers.

Interactive Guide

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Check out our New Interactive Guide for Service Providers.