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Points of Single Contact (Services Directive)

EU Services Directive

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Information about the Single Market for Services

Guide to Authorities and Forms

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This guide of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy provides company founders with valuable information about the paperwork necessary to start a business in Germany (German Only).

Points of Single Contact

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The Points of Single Contact (PSCs) aim to assist European service sector companies in navigating through sometimes very complex legal procedures. EU service sector businesses receive an overview of all relevant regulations and procedures for doing business in the country of choice.

Advice provided by the PSCs is legally binding and are even accessible from a long distance (i.e.: via internet). The Points of Single Contact additionally simplify the administrative processes by acting as a case manager for each company's activities. Nevertheless, the service of the points of single contact is optional. Entrepreneurs may always address themselves directly to the relevant authorities, if they prefer.

In Germany, the 16 federal states are ultimately responsible for establishing their own Point(s) of Single Contact. Based on the unique situation of each individual state, PSCs are made available at either the state, county or chamber level. Click on the map to find your local Point of Single Contact

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