ATLAS System for Electronic Customs Clearance

In order to clear customs in Germany, all declarations must be filed electronically using the German Customs Administration's ATLAS System (Automatic Rate and Local Customs Clearance System). ATLAS simplifies customs procedures and makes it easier to check the entered information before submission and to forward it on to all the parties involved. Companies may choose to submit electronic declarations either by utilizing a customs agent, the custom administration's internet customs declaration service, online customs software or certified ATLAS software available on the market.

If you choose to use either an online or an installed ATLAS software, make sure it is certified by the German Customs Administration. For this purpose, you will need the following documents:

  • a valid tax identification number,
  • a valid customs number from the German Customs Administration,
  • a completed registration form for the appropriate ATLAS-Release,
  • a completed network connection application form and
  • a completed application for a BIN (Beteiligten-Identifikations-Nummer) in lieu of a handwritten signature.

The last three items will need to be mailed to:

Bundesfinanzdirektion Südost, -Dienstort Weiden-, Postfach 1658, 92606 Weiden

For further information about the ATLAS system in Germany or the necessary declaration forms and registration procedures, please contact the German Customs Administration's Information Desk.