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Two cities, one state: Bremen and its deep-water port on the Weser River, Bremerhaven, make up the federal state of Bremen which is situated in the north west of Germany, along the river Weser, which ends about 60 kilometers south in the North Sea. The state is surrounded by the Federal State of Lower Saxony.  In the old days, what is now Germany's smallest federal state gained its fame for the cotton, coffee, tobacco, and fruits it imported, as well as for the wood and wool it exported.

The city is still active, as Germany's second-largest shipbuilding and maritime trade location, but its goods no longer travel exclusively over the seas. Although one of every three jobs in Bremen is port-related, the main employer in the state is an automotive company, which manufactures a number of vehicle models here. Production for sea and land is matched by that for air and space: the wings for several Airbus aircraft models are assembled in Bremen, including laboratories designed for the International Space Station, carrier rockets, and satellite systems.

And lest anyone get hungry or thirsty during their travels, Bremen also produces several world-famous foods and beverages. So much contact with the wider world has made the city independent-minded and cosmopolitan, and trade has led to a wealth of beautiful architecture and some of the world's finest maritime museums.

Business Related Sites in Bremen

Foreign entrepreneurs will find many state level institutions that offer helpful support for business operations.

The State of Bremen
The official website of the State of Bremen is a first source of information on local matters.

Bremeninvest / WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH
Bremeninvest is the brand name for Bremen's economic development agency (WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH). Bremeninvest specializes in meeting the needs of international customers and offers a one-stop support service for their business requirements.

Bremerhaven Economic Development Company
The Bremerhaven Economic Development Company Ltd. (Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH) is the key contact for all companies in the city, for potential inward investors and for start-ups that see a future for themselves in Bremerhaven.

B.E.G.IN. Bremen
The ''Bremer Existenz Gründungs Initiative'' is a network that provides individual assistance and support for business start-ups in Bremen.

Bremen Chamber of Commerce (IHK)
The Bremen Chamber of Commerce is the centre of commercial self-administration and also asserts the interests of Bremen?s business community in political and social aspects.

Bremen - live it!
Online travel guide of the Bremer Touristik-Zentrale Gesellschaft für Marketing und Service mbH (BTZ).

Point of Single Contact in Bremen

Picture shows Points of Single Contact; Source: BMWi

Source: Picture shows Points of Single Contact; Source: BMWi

Service businesses from EU Member States seeking for support with the German administrative procedures may address the local Points of Single Contact. These state run one-stop-shops will guide them through the necessary paper work.

Besides giving advice to start up companies, the start up manager provides information about the procedures and formalities required at the different stages of a business life cycle. The Point of Single Contact in Bremen is available as a contact and service point for starting and pursuing a service business in Bremen.

The service of the Points of Single Contact is optional. Entrepreneurs may always contact the relevant authorities directly, if they prefer. Moreover, there are many institutions at the state level that may be addressed for further support.


Facts about Bremen

Picture showing a map of Germany highlighting Bremen | © Germany Trade and Invest

Area: 419 km2
Inhabitants: 661,888
Density: 1,568 inh./km2
Capital: Bremen
GDP: 30.24 bn. EUR (2014)

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