Information about Hamburg

The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. The city is home to approximately 1.8 million people and is situated in the northwestern part of Germany. Hamburg is surrounded by two other Federal States, Schleswig-Holstein to the north and Niedersachsen to the south.

Wind your way up the Elbe River from the North Sea and you'll find the city-state's bustling port - Europe's second largest - and a major international commercial hub.

With tradition going back centuries and increasingly strong ties with Asia today, Hamburg is a major gateway to the world. The river's waters permeate the region, providing its inhabitants with gorgeous tree-lined waterways and lush parklands. With the wealth, know-how, and connections garnered through maritime trade, Hamburg has grown into the world's third-largest civil aviation center and the heart of Germany's unmatched logistical infrastructure. Movement in goods is matched by movement in ideas: Hamburg is a leading player in media, marketing, IT, and life sciences. Highly trained employees stream from the region's 20 universities into the workforce to keep these industries competitive, vibrant, and vigorous.

As a magnet for over 3,500 international companies and their employees, Hamburg is an incredibly international and culturally diverse city. The city boasts some of Europe's finest offerings in art, theater, opera, music, and ballet. The new Elbe Philharmonic Hall will only add to this fantastic range of venues and draw more people from around the globe to Germany's ''harbor city''.


Facts about Hamburg

Picture showing a map of Germany highlighting Hamburg

Area: 755 km2
Inhabitants: 1,762,791
Density: 2,312 inh./km2
Capital: Hamburg
GDP: 103.14 bn. EUR (2014)

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