Interactive Guide

Step 2 - Service Profession

Chosen Preferences:

Which services do you plan to offer on the German market?

  1. Regulated crafts professions
    (Crafts Professions that are listed in Annex A of the German Crafts Code)
  2. Non-regulated skilled trades and crafts or similar professions
    (Crafts Professions that are listed in Annex B1 and B2 of the German Crafts Code)
  3. Regulated liberal professions
    (lawyers, tax consultants, patent attorneys, public civil law notaries, certified accountants, consulting engineers, architects, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists)
  4. Non-regulated liberal professions
    (translators, authors, journalists, private teachers, artists and similar professions)
  5. None of the professions listed above

Why is this question important? - Many rules and regulations only apply to specific service sectors, such as the obligations to prove a sufficient level of professional qualification or to obtain mandatory membership in a professional chamber.

I am not sure - how do I find out which profession most likely matches the services that I provide? - Introductory information on the recognition of professional qualifications with links to further sources and support on the internet is available in our section on professional qualification