Economic Sentiment Weakens in Germany

German consumer mood declined slightly in June 2015. The new GfK Consumer Climate study for June 2015 showed that the overall indicator is projecting a fall from 10.2 points in June to 10.1 points in July 2015. This bleak forecast is mostly due to the failed attempts to solve the debt crisis in Greece.

In June 2015, economic expectations have been influenced by the crisis in Greece. The economic expectations indicator’s upward trend has been dampened by the drop of 13.4 points in June to a total 24.9 points.

At the same time, Germans income expectations seem to be unaffected by the weak economic confidence. The index increased by 5.2 points in June, reaching 57.2 points and marking a new record high since reunification.

The willingness to buy also declined in June 2015, with the index falling by 5.6 points to 57.0 points. Although this index is moving downward, it still remains at a high level.