German Consumer Confidence Rises

German consumer confidence rose moderately in May 2015. The consumer climate index reached 10.1 points in May and is expected to rise to 10.2 points in June.
The solid domestic demand together with low inflation rates have led to an increase in both economic expectations and willingness to buy in Germany.

Economic expectations gained 3 points in May 2015 settling at 38.3 points. Similarly, consumers’ willingness to buy is on an upward trend. The index recovered by 4.3 points in May 2015, reaching 62.6 points. Particularly the prevailing positive employment numbers, income growth and low inflation have supported the willingness to buy in Germany.

Income expectations, on the other hand, fell by 3.1 points to 52.0 points. This decline was mostly due to the fact that German consumers anticipate an increase in prices in the near future.