German Exports Up in May 2015

In May 2015, Germany exported 95.9 billion euros and imported 76.3 billion euros in goods and services. According to provisional data from the Federal Statistical Office, Destatis, both exports and imports increased by 4.6% and imports by 3.0% respectively. In comparison with April 2015 and after calendar and seasonal adjustment, German exports fell by 1.7%, and imports by 0.3%.

The foreign trade balance recorded a surplus of 19.5 billion euros in May 2015. After calendar and seasonal adjustment, the trade balance’s surplus totaled 22.8 billion euros.

In May 2015, exports from Germany to the Member States increased by 6.2% amounting to 56.5 billion euros more than in May 2014. Similarly, imports rose by 5.2% or 51.0 billion euros. To the Euro area countries, Germany exported goods to the value of 35.6 billion Euros (+5.1%) and imported also 35.1 billion euros (+5.5%).

To EU countries not belonging to the Euro area, Germany dispatched in May 2015 20.8 billion euros (+8.2%) while it received 15.9 billion euros (+4.6%) from these countries . Exports of goods and services to countries outside the EU totaled 39.4 billion euros (+2.3%) in May 2015. Imports from those countries fell by 1.3% to 25.3 billion Euros.