German Food Exports Up in 2014

In 2014, Germany exported 66.7 billion euros and imported 75.5 billion euros in food and luxury food. According to the Federal Statistical Office, Destatis food products exports and imports made up 5.9% and 8.3% respectively of total German exports and imports.

From the exported food products almost 50% were of plant origin. Food of animal origin and live animals amounted to 36.1% of German food exports. Luxury goods such as tobacco, coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages made up for 15.1% of total food exports.

As of imports, the most imported food products (57.9%) were of plant origin. Imports of food of animal origin and live animals reached 28.2% and luxury goods imports made up 13.9%.

In the area of food products, European countries were Germany’s main trading partner in 2014. Approximately 85% of all German food exports were delivered to these countries. Nine percent of all exports went to Asia, 4% to America and 2% to Africa. At the same time, Germany imported 14% of its food products from America, 7% from Asia and 3% from Africa.

In 2014, Germany’s most important trading partner in the food sector was The Netherlands with a total of 9.1 billion euros in exports and 14.3 billion euros in imports. France and Italy ranked second and third as most important trading partners with 6 billion euros and 5.8 billion euros in food exports respectively.