Industrie 4.0 Expected to Boost Turnover in Germany

The German economy expects a revenue boost due to the implementation of Industrie 4.0. According to the latest survey conducted on behalf of the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, BITKOM, 51 percent of companies that have or are planning to introduce Industrie 4.0 applications believe that this will have a positive effect on their turnover. The rest of the companies expect no change in revenue. Moreover, nine percent of the participating companies are confident that their turnover will grow by more than 10 percent due to industrie 4.0.

Especially electrical engineering companies are expecting a strong rise in turnover. Around 53 percent of all users and entities interested in industrie 4.0 anticipate an increase in sales. The chemical sector recorded 52 percent optimist companies; the automobile industry registered 50 percent and the mechanical and plant engineering sector 48 percent.

INDUSTRIE 4.0 is one of 10 “Future Projects” identified by the German government as part of the German government’s High-Tech Strategy Action Plan 2020. It stands for the fourth industrial revolution and describes the technological transformation of production into advanced manufacturing solutions where smart factories have processes, machines, and products communicating with each other.  

BITKOM Managing Director, Dr. Bernhard Rohleder stated that thanks to IT, companies active in networked production can react much better to the demands of their customers and manufacture highly customized products according to their wishes.This will change business models permanently in many branches. Everyone that sets course toward Industrie 4.0 increases his competitive advantage and has good chances to gain additional market share.