Optimism in the German Digital Sector

German digital companies are optimistic toward the rest of 2015. The most recent economic survey of the digital association, BITKOM, showed that at least 74 percent of the IT, telecommunications, and consumer electronics companies project sales to rise in the second half of 2015. Only 9 percent of these businesses anticipate a decline in sales.

Even though the BITKOM index fell to 65 points from its record high of 72 points, the digital sector remains an economic growth driver in Germany. As a whole, 79 percent of the IT services and 77 percent of software companies expect sales to rise in 2015. Sixty five percent of telecommunications equipment providers and 55 percent of hardware vendors expect growing sales as well.

The prevailing positive business development is leading IT companies to hire more staff. Six out of ten (61 percent) IT companies are planning on creating new jobs this year. For the end of 2015, BITKOM anticipates that the IT sector will employ at least 990,000 people, which is an increase of 21,000 over 2014. As a result, the sector is transforming into the second largest industrial employer behind the machine & equipment industry.