Trending Up: Online Shopping

Online shopping has become a part of everyday life in Germany. In 2014, online sales amounted to 37.1 billion euros, up from 34.7 billion euros recorded in 2013. According to the German Retail Association (HDE), German consumers are increasingly spending a larger share of their disposable income shopping online.

In 2014, total non-food retail sales grew by one percent totaling 165 billion euros. This increase was only due to a rise in e-commerce, which made up a 19 percent share of total non-food retail sales. The growing online turnover is the direct result of German consumers spending on 8 percent more when shopping online. Consumers spend in average 136 euros per purchase. This is double the amount spent than when shopping at a physical store.

As for food products or fast moving consumer goods, online sales in this segment increased by 0.6 percent in 2014, making up for only 1 percent of the total expenditure on food. This result shows that Germans still prefer to shop their food at the physical stores. Only beauty home care and non-food fast moving products showed a slight increase in online sales.

For 2015, the HDE is projecting a turnover of 41.7 billion euros. Furthermore, mobile commerce is expected to rise as increasingly more consumers are informing themselves about products, prices and vendors on their smartphones, even within the physical store. It has become very clear that the use of smartphones and tablets to shop online is continuously increasing, particularly when consumers shop for clothing and entertainment electronics.