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  • 3/28/17 Looking for clients for our software services company

    Neviton Softech provides low cost, high quality software development services. Our services include java and dotnet custom development, cloud services, A/S400 support services, Datawarehousing and BI and [...]

    • Selling Offer
    • India
  • 3/28/17 Orzel Polska Ryszard Zawadzki

    Wir sind ein Produzent von verarbeiteten Gemüse und Obst unter dem Markennamen "Orzel-Polska". Unsere Firma exportiert auch frisches Obst und Gemüse wie: Tomate, Gurke, Apfel und Birne.

  • 3/28/17 Neviton Softech
  • 3/28/17 Dried Figs & Apricots - Turkish origin

    We are able to supply you dried figs and apricots. Please visit for more information about our products. We are willing to export our products to Germany with agents or direct buyers. [...]

    • Selling Offer
    • Turkey
  • 3/28/17 Search of investor/partner for production of an electric reactor model

    Search of an investor or a future partner for the production of an industrial model of an electric reactor based on a chain reaction with a thermal capacity of 50 MW and further production and installation [...]

    • Cooperation Partner
    • Ukraine
  • 3/28/17 BSA Ltd
  • 3/28/17 New revolutionary engine

    In practice, it is possible to act on gasoline or diesel internal combustion engines for automobiles, motorcycles and trucks in the following way: Reduction of fuel consumption - Reduction of the engine [...]

    • Cooperation Partner
    • Algeria
  • 3/28/17 Consulting & Sales für Hersteller

    Gebürtiger Deutscher, amerikanischer Staatsbürger, mit langjähriger Erfahrung im Vertrieb sowie Import/Export in den USA, bietet Dienstleistungen an Firmen im B2B Bereich Durch meine 30jährige Erfahrung [...]

    • Selling Offer
    • Germany
  • 3/28/17 CATRINA
  • 3/27/17 BBIKE Innovation
Entries: 15390
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