Business Sectors

Business Sectors

Germany has become a knowledge-driven economy with a strong tertiary sector. Industrial enterprises also play a key role in the country's economic growth. As a result, Germany has the world's largest industrial sector. The German industry is very diversified and has a leadership position in many sectors worldwide.

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Germany is the number one location for innovative, high quality and environmentally friendly automobile production. The automobile industry is one of the key sectors in the country.


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The chemical sector has become the main driving force behind Germany's strong position in international trade. The industry plays a key role in the country's economy, ranking fourth worldwide and taking the lead in Europe.


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Consumer Goods

Germany is Europe’s largest consumer goods market. Its affluent population, central location and first-class infrastructure make it the ideal place for foreign companies to offer their products.


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Information & Communications Technology

Germany's information and communications technology (ICT) industry is leading the way in Europe's digital world. The country is the largest ICT market in Europe and ranks fourth worldwide.


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Machinery & Equipment

Machinery and equipment in Germany is the country's second largest industry. The sector is one of the most innovative in the economy and employs more people than any other industrial sector in the country.


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Medical Technology

Germany is Europe’s leading business location for medical technology and 3rd largest medical technology products producer and medical services provider worldwide.


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Metal & Metal Processing

Germany is the largest steel producer, consumer, importer and exporter in Europe. The German metal industry processes raw materials and produces innumerable intermediate and finished metal products.


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Renewable Energy

Germany is a global leader in the area of renewable energies. The country is the world's largest market for photovoltaics and Europe's largest market for bioenergy, solar thermal and wind energy.


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Service Sectors

The service sector has become a key pillar of the German economy. The tertiary sector accounts today for more than seventy percent of GDP and more than two thirds of the labor market.


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