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Discuss on this forum how you can deal with customs and import regulations as well as find the best distribution channels to sell your products successfully in Germany.

Datum: 13.06.2014 12:26

Cookware manufacturers looking for distributors/sales agents in Germany

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Mitglied seit: 13.06.2014


Hello everybody, We are manufacturers of high quality cookware with presence worldwide. As a result of an online promotion that we did in Europe wit GREAT results in Germany we've realised the huge potential that this market has for us. Therefore, we would like to find the right partner to enter deeper this market and establish a long-lasting business relationship.  It would be great, If you could tell me which could be the best way to find what we are looking for.  Thank you very much. 

Länderinteressen: Deutschland

Branchen: Haushaltswaren, Handel, allgemein, E-Commerce

Themen: Dienstleistungen und Handel, Förderung und Unterstützung, Geschäftswünsche