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Working in Germany

Share your experiences and ask your questions about visiting, getting around and working in Germany here.

Datum: 29.02.2012 15:07

Information on spouse visas

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Mitglied seit: 28.02.2012


I am a UK national, my wife is a Japanese national. We are moving to Germany because I have got a permanent job.

I have just got through the application form that she needs to fill in to do a postal application. But I am having some problems with it.

1. Field no. 25 asks "A visa is requested for: " - and then it asks you for how many days. In our case it is unlimited, so what do we fill in?

2. Is there a limit for spouse visas? Can you she stay with me in Germany for the same time?

I am leaving in 2 weeks and am trying to sort her visa out before leaving.

Thanks for any advise or help you can give.


Datum: 26.03.2012 12:00 #1

Re: Information on spouse visas

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Mitglied seit: 30.01.2012


Dear User,

detailed information on visas for partner and children you find under

Best regards,

iXPOS Editorial Team