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Establishing Your Business in Germany

Ask you questions and exchange experiences about setting up your business in Germany on this forum.

Datum: 09.11.2013 09:05

Institute for Indian/ Asian studies & practices

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Mitglied seit: 09.11.2013


I want to start up an educational institute for all kinds of indian/asian studies focusing on short term courses on areas of Indian/Asian languages, cooking, history, literature, visual arts, ayurveda therapies, yoga, medication etc. I would also like to include services to european nationals who would like to travel to india ensuring high safety and right directions and assistance to them.

I completed MBA recently from Mannheim Business School and major part of my work experience back in India is in th education field.Please advise.

Länderinteressen: Deutschland

Branchen: Verschiedene Dienstleistungen

Themen: Bildung und Forschung, Handwerk, Geschäftswünsche


Datum: 11.11.2013 14:04 #1

Re: Institute for Indian/ Asian studies & practices

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Mitglied seit: 02.05.2013


Dear Mr. Krishnan,

information on setting up a business in Germany can be found in the Investment Guide to Germany: There you will also find information on the several legal forms.

When intending to start-up a new business in Germany the online start-up portal of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is a useful source of information:


Kind regards,

Germany Trade & Invest

- Gesellschaft für Außenwirtschaft und Standortmarketing GmbH /

Foreign Trade & Inward Investment Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany