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Datum: 12.06.2012 20:18

Healthcare contacts "Made in Germany"

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Mitglied seit: 12.06.2012


I am seriously looking for business partner in Pharmaceutical Industry or Health care and to build a company here and sell their famous product to China, Shenyang. We are dealing in Steel business and would like to expand to Germany by selling their "Made in Germany" product to be sold in China. Anyone interested can contact me for a chat.

Länderinteressen: Deutschland

Branchen: Arzneimittel, Diagnostika

Themen: Investitionen im Ausland


Datum: 11.07.2012 16:33 #1

Re: Re: Re: Mrs. Patricia Chan

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Mitglied seit: 04.07.2012


Dear Mrs Chan

Actually we are doing Diesel Genset Business but we can try to help you, we are not producing any of products you interested in but we can try buy it from German Producer and export to you, is there any special product that you interested in.





Datum: 18.07.2012 00:30 #2

Health Care Contacts for "made in germany"

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Mitglied seit: 11.04.2012


Good evening Mrs. Chan,

my name is Lutz Bernard, I studied laws in Germany and now I am living and working as free business- consultant in Berlin/Germany. I am registered in this website too and so I found your information.

I want you to understand, that the producers of health- care- technics are looking also for the quality of their business- partners. So please can you inform me

+  what qualifications you dispose in particular in the distribution of medical goods,
+  since what date your company exists with,
+  what are the products you are dealing right now,

+  what is your business- website,
+  how many employees do you have and can someone speak or read german,
+  of which contacts you dispose in particular in the medical sector (doctors, hospitals ...).

For me it is also nessessary to know, what will be your main strategy to push and brand the new products from Germany on your chinese market and what kinds of communications will you use for your business for your new german partners.

With your good arguments I will look for good partners. Can you please give me also your idea of my commission for success?

Can you please send me also your normal business- mailadress and skype- account please?

Thanks in advance and kind regards from Berlin,

Lutz Bernard, Ass .jur.






Datum: 02.02.2015 21:11 #3

Re: Health Care Contacts for "made in germany"

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Mitglied seit: 02.02.2015


Hello dear patricia,

how we can chat together. we are ready to find all products, that you need to export from germany to china. we sit in hamburg and is realy very easy for shiping products made in germany to china. let me know more about your idea.

thanks a lot and best regards

hamid asnaashari

speed tech computer 


Datum: 25.09.2017 15:40 #4

Re: Re: Health Care Contacts for "made in germany"

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Mitglied seit: 14.10.2012


Dear Ms. Chan,


Your contribution to the forum is very interesting. We are a large manufacturer of medical technology in Germany. Our products are widely marketed worldwide. My father Professor Professor Werner has invented a therapy system which can cure diseases as an alternative. The interest is very large worldwide. We have been developing and researching health for more than 20 years. At present we have many inquiries from Kunming China. We are now looking for partners worldwide to market our products. Our customers are doctors, therapists, wellness hotels, clinics and hospitals and private people.

Our website is



EMG International

Owner: Mr. J. Kunde


Datum: 10.10.2017 13:59 #5

Re: Re: Re: Health Care Contacts for "made in germany"

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Mitglied seit: 09.06.2017


Ni hao

Even this is a pretty old thread, I am interested to learn more about your idea of selling german made medical devices.

Actually I have a start-up-company who developed a very interesting product for the health and social environment and they are looking for an investor. The trategy of this company sounds impressing and the numbers are just great.

other than that I have quite some other contacts in the medical field in Germany.

If you like to get more information on the mentioned projects, just contact me via