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Market Entry

Discuss on this forum how you can deal with customs and import regulations as well as find the best distribution channels to sell your products successfully in Germany.

Datum: 11.10.2017 10:52

Need Agent to find distributor / wholesaler / retailor

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We are manufacture and exporter of textile/ garments for over 30 years. As part of busines expansion plans we are looing for agents who can find new customers (B2B) related to textile / clothing. (Woven Shirts, denim jeans, Twill paints, wrinkle free trousers, kits for clubs).While travelling to Germany we relaized that there is an immense potential of french sailor shirts , breton shirts etc. We have the infrasturucture to produce the same. 


Our strenth is our abillity to evelop oods as per customer's requirements.


Agent must  be able to interact with potential buyers regfarding his sourcing needs. 





Länderinteressen: Frankreich, Deutschland, Spanien

Branchen: Textilien, Bekleidung, Leder, allgemein, Sonstiges im Bereich Textilien, Bekleidung, Leder

Themen: Geschäftswünsche


Datum: 29.10.2017 16:42 #1

Re: Need Agent to find distributor / wholesaler / retailor

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I help Businesses to start in Germany. I suggest to first of all check out the market potencial of your project. I can do the communications for you. Just visit the following website and scroll to the bottom. The Researchcall is a special service for Customers like you. My work depends upon your Budget. You can also read my texts if you want about the German market. 

Just call me if you have further questions about the textile industry. 





Youssef Zemhoute








Youssef Zemhoute  (Einzelunternehmen)
Kornstraße 39
47138 Duisburg

Telefon: +49 178 34 06 436
Telefax: +49 322 293 271 92
Umsatzsteuer-ID:  DE309529264