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Market Entry

Discuss on this forum how you can deal with customs and import regulations as well as find the best distribution channels to sell your products successfully in Germany.

Datum: 28.02.2012 10:51

Need help to promote my products in Germany

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To whom it may concern,

I am very glad to read the information that you have on your website. I am a main exporter of abrasive products for many years, and I firmly hope that I can expand my business in the German market. Would you like to help me in recommending some useful ways to promote my goods in your great country? Thanks very much in advance.

Thanks for taking your time, looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Länderinteressen: Deutschland

Branchen: Hochbau, Bioplastik, Fahrzeuge, -zubehör, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, allgemein


Datum: 20.03.2012 11:11 #1

Sale of Abrasive Products in Germany

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Dear Sender,

Thank you for your post.
You already found one of the recommendable ways to promote your goods in Germany, as you obviously already know the iXPOS Export Community. The iXPOS Community provides answers to questions regarding exports to Germany, i.e. customs tariffs, distribution channels, etc.

To promote your products in Germany, you might consider browsing the website of Germany's VDMA, the association of the engineering industry at

Follow the link to VDMA-e-market - the information platform for the branches' clients and users.

Furthermore, you will find a database of trade-fairs in Germany at
There, you will find a hint on "Trade Fair Data". Choose the category which seems interesting to you.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us again for any further questions.

Best regards,

iXPOS Editorial Team



Datum: 06.02.2013 06:59 #2




Dear Sir ,

We would like to thank you kindly interest. As we mentioned in our description Our Company, Deha A.S, is the producer of gas springs for the automotive aftermarket, furniture industry and other sectors. Our intention is to find new importers or distributors for our products in Germany, European Union, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands.Therefore, we will be very satisfied how we can go to cooperate with you regarding this subject.

We are waiting for your reply.  


Datum: 02.05.2012 09:41 #3


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SALES|GAP is specialized in what you are looking for.

We provide an GLOBAL MARKET ENTRY strategy.


Please let me know if you are interested to continue.




Martin Ehlers, CEO


Datum: 03.05.2012 12:14 #4

promote abrasive products

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Mitglied seit: 10.04.2012


Dear Sir,


as I think the thread is mixed up now, let me have an emailadress and I´m happy to let you have my ideas concerning this matter.

Greetings Matthias



Datum: 23.06.2012 12:57 #5

Develop Business with Germany for Agri Commodities

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Mitglied seit: 23.06.2012


Dear Sir,


We are one of the leading exporters of agri-commodities. We like to Export our products in German Market.


Please can you guide us regarding importers or buyers present there.




Datum: 11.06.2013 11:10 #6

Re: Develop Business with Germany for Agri Commodities

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Mitglied seit: 11.04.2012



Good evening Sir,

my name is Lutz Bernard, 57 years old, working and living as a business- consultant in Berlin.

My first idea is, that you should brand your products on a good product- website, working 365 days/24 hours for you, but showing your products also in the european main languages german, french, russian, italian and spanish.

To hold the views of visitors of your website you should use the best new digital products in the internet. So visitors will become your customers following the best marketing with talkfusion.

I like to think about your questions in a separate second step if you cann tell me, how you are presenting your products in your homeland, since whewn and what experiences did you have already with different strategic ways ...

Best greetings from Berlin and have a nice weekend,

Lutz Bernard, Ass. jur.



Datum: 05.07.2012 17:53 #7

Re: Re: Develop Business with Germany for Agri Commodities


Dear Sir/Madam,


we are an international consulting firm based in Berlin, Germany. If you are interested in a first phone call, please get back to me at




Datum: 05.03.2013 14:05 #8

Re: Re: Re: Develop Business with Germany for Agri Commodities

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Mitglied seit: 19.03.2012


Dear advertiser of IXPOS ,

as a consultancy we would like to know which products it should be, to be launched on the German market?