FAQ and iXPOS Export Community Instructions

iXPOS -The German Business Portal, welcomes you to its new platform. Besides boasting a new design, the new iXPOS offers visitors a wider range of information and services. Take a look at the following user instructions and find out how user friendly our portal has become.

Personalized Homepage

After you have logged in, you will access directly your personalized homepage. Your homepage will contain the latest news, forum topics and business inquiries posted in the community according to the preferences/interests that you entered during your registration. In case you still have not entered your interests or would like to change them, you can do this under "My Profile.” Detailed instructions on how you can do these changes can be found on the "User Profile" section of these guidelines.

Once you have logged in, your profile box will be displayed throughout the whole Export Community pages on the upper left side of your personalized page. This profile box gives you direct access to your mailbox, contact requests, your business inquiries, watchlist and you user account.

After you have befriended other Export Community members, you will see your updated list of contacts under “My Network” on the left margin of your personalized page. The “Status Updates for My Network” box located in the center of the page, gives you the possibility to publish important information about yourself and your business activities. For example, if you would like to let your network know about your participation in a trade fair or the launching of a new product. New status updates feeds from your network are published directly underneath the status updates box.

Your watchlist as well as the tag cloud with the latest topics of the community members appear on the right hand margin of your personalized page.