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Datum: Oct 31, 2014 9:57 AM

Advice asked and experience shared regarding finding cargo to be transported

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Good Morning!

As the marketing manager of a hungarian transporting company I'm seeking for solution for the following:
Our 14 year old company transports cargo and goods of a factory from Western-Hungary to near Frankfurt Germany every day, thus we are seeking for cargo/load that we can transport via road to Hungary or Vienna area Austria, or Bratislava area Slovakia.

The challenge is caused by the fact, that it is hard to know, which factory produces cargo, that is transported to these places, and by also that the whole segment of factories might produce such products or raw materials, thus it cannot be narrowed down to for example to machinery sector, or a couple of sectors.

We are a serious company, and we would prefer regular cooperation with such a factory, and we are thinking in long term.

We are already present at a freight exchange online software, where usually large forwarding agencies present their offer, what they receive from the factories, and also I contacted quite a number of organizations, which I would rather not uncover for not to misdirect your advices.

Any idea and tipp is welcomed!

Thank you in advance!

Robert Kiraly    

Countries of interest: Germany

Business Sectors: Transport Sector

Topics of interest: Business Inquiries