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Markteintritt & Erschließung von Auslandsmärkten

Sie haben Fragen zum Markteintritt im Ausland und suchen Unterstützung? In diesem Forum können Sie sich über Ihre Erfahrungen auf internationalen Märkten austauschen und Fragen an die iXPOS-Partner richten.

Datum: Feb 5, 2016 5:29 PM

Breaking into the US market, a difficult but rewarding task.

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Registered since: Feb 5, 2016


Breaking into the US market can be difficult. It's quite different than any other market in the world, but is also quite lucrative when it's done correctly. Where do you start? Do you approach American businesses in a different way than one would in other countries around the world?

Online presence is becoming increasingly present, it's the international way to present your company in the most legitmate way possible. Websites, social media, online professional marketing, the cost is low and the benefit is high. The US built the majority of these online communities, so it's safe to say they are also the highest users of them. 

The content you post and create for your online presence represents the face of your company. It's imparative to have flawless writing and to localize your content to your target market. I want to be able to help companies, big and small, realize their success in the US. As a translator and localizer, I can bring your website and media content to the next level to wow your US audience and engage them in your industry. Visit my website for more details:

What are some of your struggles for entering the US market? How do you approach American companies/audiences differently than in your home country?

Topics of interest: International Markets and Globalisation