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Market Entry

Discuss on this forum how you can deal with customs and import regulations as well as find the best distribution channels to sell your products successfully in Germany.

Datum: Aug 20, 2015 9:29 AM

Entering German Solar Thermal Market

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Registered since: Jul 27, 2015


We are a manufacturer/producer as well as a leading exporter of innovative and efficient flat plate solar thermal collectors "Thermal Box" of high quality, solar systems and other solar products related. Our products are made only from European Union components and have all certifications needed, including Solar Keymark Certificate.  Our products are sold worldwide, mainly in Europe, but we would like to extend our European business contacts, especially in Germany, which is the leading European solar thermal market. We would be grateful for any help regarding finding new trade leads in this market  and any recommendations on how to promote this kind of business in Germany and establish new business relations. Regards,Francesco Ciaiolo, Sales and Marketing Department, TEI Solar Polska s.c.

Countries of interest: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Germany

Business Sectors: Energy, Water, Heating, in general, Power Generation, other renewable energies, Environmental Protection, Air, Climate

Topics of interest: Investmens in Germany, Energy and Raw Materials, Export Promotion, Innovation and Technology, Climate and Environment, Business Inquiries


Datum: Aug 25, 2015 2:28 PM #1

Re: Entering German Solar Thermal Market

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Registered since: Dec 12, 2014


To whom it may concern,

we are interested in your products and would like to know more about it.

Another important fact is that we lately performed a market entry for another product.

Our company managed the complete market entry, negotiated the best terms and conditions for the client, did all translations, prepared all presentations to the purchase manager in charge and so on.

Indeed we do see good potential in your products and therefore we would like to receive more information about them.

So if you are interested to talk about further details feel free to contact me directly.

I remain with best regards
Alexander Reinhardt


Datum: Aug 26, 2015 1:34 PM #2

Re: Re: Entering German Solar Thermal Market

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Registered since: Jul 27, 2015


Dear Mr. Reinhardt,


Thank you for your reply. I will contact you as soon as possible with more details regarding our offer.

Please note that we are looking mainly for direct distributors and importers of our solar thermal products and your business offer seem to concern strictly market entry process itself (presentations, translations). However we are looking forward to any help in this matter.


Kind regards

Francesco Ciaiolo

Sales and marketing Department

TEI Solar Polska s.c.